Assassins Creed Review

Assassins Creed begins at the outset of the King’s Crusade in 1191. Imagine exploring an envioronment with more freedom to roam than Grand Theft Auto. Imagine controlling an assassin with more intricate mastery than a marionette puppet. Imagine encountering crowds of people who notice you, react to you, love you, hate you, individually or all at once. What you’re now imagining is.

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed – groundbreaking in style of play and revolutionary in plot (hint: all may not be as it seems).

Developers took on detailed historical and architectural work to recreate an environment that very closely resembles the cities of Jerusalem, Damascus, and Acre of the late 12th Century. This historical environment will be very interactive and will allow for an unprescedentedly-high degree of roaming freedom. The gamer will be able to climb virtually every wall so that the gaming experience is not limited to the ground floor of each level. Scale a building to the rooftop and jump from scaffoldings across rooftops.

Run through buildings and slip out windows to avoid being seen. Controlling your

Assassins Creed character will be novel to you as well.

While the analog stick will move Altair(the character to the left of this text), the four buttons on the right side of the controller will move his feet, head, arms with weapon, and arms without weapon respectively. You will also use intensity buttons on the controller to dictate how intensely you are moving your assassin’s apendages. For example as you use the analog stick to walk or run Altair through a crowd, you can press the button corresponding to the arm without weapon to shove people in the crowd. Hold the intensity button to gently move them or don’t use it and shove them to the ground. Run toward a low lying object and press the legs button to hop over it or press the arms without weapons button to vault it like a gymnist.

Walk slowly with a group of monks and bow your head to blend in with them or don’t and risk being more conspicuous. These are examples of the freedom of movement you will enjoy in Assassins Creed. Fighting your enemies and assasinating your targets is also a bit more real. Gone are the days when your armor guage tells you how much life you have left. Know this about Assassins Creed: Altair will die if he gets impaled by a sword – yup, even just once.

The gamer’s focus becomes patience, cunning and stealth rather than violent defensive battle sequences.

The Revolutionary Plot Details:

In the Assassins Creed trailer available for download on most of the big gaming websites you can watch Altair die at the hands of a guard. The death screen is weird to say the least and indicates that the plot for this game should perhaps not be taken at face value. Below is the screen after Altair has died. Animus is latin and can mean soul, life, or spirit (many ancient languages have one word that encompasses all of these meanings). So, we see “soul”, then “memories” (of the soul?) and then notice under the memories tab the words “access your genetic memory”. Here is where everything get’s kinda Matrix-like.

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